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here you can find pictures about travelling, marriges and others. do not copy or publicate the pictures from this site without permission!

here some information about my tools and how i get my passion for photography.
i started to shoot pictures with a nikon SLR of my father. it was an analogic machine and it was not a cheap hobby, because i had to buy the films and pay for the development of the fotos by my own. it was not that easy, i was only 13/14 years old. round about in 2003 i bought a trustmaster. my first digital one. i had an analogic olympus µ at that time, too. in 2004 i bought an olympus c3020 with 3 mega pixel !!! :D after a few years i got a really big one. a canon 400d. the pictures got better and better, so i decided to buy a professional one: 5d from canon. after that a mkii found the way to me, too... :)) now i'm working only with lenses of canon like the 70-200 f2.8 or the 14-24 f2.8 (my favorite one).

it's all, enjoy!